La flotte globale de Sea Shepherd

La Marine de Neptune sert à protéger et à défendre les océans et la faune marine du monde.

Depuis 1977, de nombreux navires ont servi dans la flotte de Sea Shepherd pour protéger la faune marine dans le cadre de campagnes d'action directe dans le monde entier. Aujourd'hui, notre flotte internationale comprend onze navires et plusieurs petits bateaux utilisés dans diverses campagnes de conservation des océans. Quatre de ces navires sont détenus et gérés par Sea Shepherd Global : M/Y Sea Eagle, M/Y Ocean Warrior, M/Y Bob Barker et M/Y Sam Simon.

M/Y Ocean Warrior


On January 26, 2015, at the annual Goed Geld Gala (Good Money Gala) hosted by the Dutch Postcode Lottery in Amsterdam, Sea Shepherd Global was awarded €8.3 million for a “Dream Project” vessel built to "Stop Illegal Fishing in the Southern Ocean". It was constructed by Dutch shipbuilder Damen in the port of Antalya, Turkey, and christened Ocean Warrior in September 2016. Its maiden voyage was M/Y Operation Nemesis, Sea Shepherd’s 11th Antarctic Whale Defense Campaign, in 2016/2017. Interesting Fact: The M/Y Ocean Warrior is Sea Shepherd’s first custom-built ship, and the fastest in its fleet, reaching speeds up to 30 knots.

Informations techniques
  • Modèle Patrol vessel
  • Inauguration 2016
  • Poids 439GT
  • Longueur 54m
  • Vitesse 25+ knots
  • Equipage max. 16

M/Y Bob Barker


Thanks to a $5 million contribution from the legendary American game show host Bob Barker, in 2009 Sea Shepherd secretly purchased and refitted a former Norwegian whaler in Africa. The ice-strengthened chaser boat quietly departed from Mauritius on December 18th for its first mission against the Japanese whaling fleet, Operation Waltzing Matilda. Interesting Fact: The Bob Barker originally operated as a whaling ship until 1962, and later confronted Sea Shepherd during its life as a Norwegian Coast Guard vessel.

Informations techniques
  • Modèle Long-range ice class research vessel
  • Inauguration 1950
  • Poids 488GT
  • Longueur 52.2m
  • Vitesse 15+ knots
  • Equipage max. 36

M/Y Sam Simon


The Sam Simon was named after the Hollywood producer most famously known for developing The Simpsons, an animal rights advocate who served on Sea Shepherd’s Board of Advisors until his passing in 2015. His generous donation made it possible to purchase the former Japanese vessel in 2012, when it joined its first Antarctic Whale Defense Campaign that December, Operation Zero Tolerance. Interesting Fact: The Sam Simon, originally named the Seifu Maru, was a Meteorological Observation Ship for the Japanese whaling fleet.

Informations techniques
  • Modèle Research/survey vessel
  • Inauguration 1993
  • Poids 720GT
  • Longueur 56m
  • Vitesse 15+ knots
  • Equipage max. 30
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