Taiwanese Captain Sentenced 20 Years for Shark Finning in Tanzania

Mercoledì, 12 Dic, 2018

Operazione Jodari

‘Ocean Warrior’ Arrives in Mozambique to Expand the Fight Against Illegal Fishing in Partnership with East African Countries

Lunedì, 23 Lug, 2018

Operazione Jodari

Illegal Fishing Activities Thwarted in Tanzania After Six Months of Joint Patrols

Giovedì, 12 Lug, 2018

Operazione Jodari

LEGAL UPDATE: Two More Arrests in Tanzanian Illegal Fishing Investigation

Martedì, 05 Giu, 2018

Operazione Jodari

Another Successful Patrol for Sea Shepherd’s Operation Jodari

Giovedì, 12 Apr, 2018

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