Donate a meal to an animal in the Antarctic

Donate for a penguin, a seal or a fin whale

Penguin, seal or fin whale
Donate a meal to an animal in Antarctica

We are an international, non-profit organization established to protect marine wildlife. We are well known from the Netflix documentary Seaspiracy and are active in over 20 countries with independent local groups and 12 ships - also in the Antarctic. Our mission is to end the destruction of habitats in the world's oceans in order to defend, protect and conserve ecosystems and species.

Still looking for a meaningful gift?
Symbolically donate a meal to a chinstrap penguin, a fur seal or a fin whale and use your donation as a gift! For every donation, you will receive a gift certificate with the chosen animal on it. You can use it as a present for family, friends, employees, or customers. Simply personalize it accordingly during the donation process.

Why a festive meal?
Because the main food source for many marine animals - krill - is threatened. But industrial supertrawlers are depleting feeding grounds in Antarctica. Whales, seals, penguins, and other animals have to compete with these giant ships for their food. The animals are increasingly malnourished and are sometimes no longer able to cover the long distances to their breeding grounds or experience breeding failures. Scientists believe in a strong connection between the extensive fishing of krill in certain areas in the Antarctic and the significant decline in pregnancies in fin whales, weight losses in fur seals as well as a decline in the population of chinstrap penguins. Further information can be found in our FAQs.

What do you get for your donation?
▪ A donation confirmation - more information in our FAQs
▪ A symbolic gift certificate that you can personalize for yourself or for the person who receives it as a gift
▪ A thank you video from the Sea Shepherd crew directly from Antarctica

This fundraiser is part of our Antarctic campaign "Operation Antarctica Defense".

All donations go entirely to our campaign (except for small transaction fees, if not covered by the donor).


What is krill?

Krill are small crustaceans that live in huge swarms in the sea, including in the Antarctic waters. The small size of this species reflects by no means its relevance and impact on the ecosystem. The Antarctic krill is the most important food source for marine animals and therefore the very foundation of life for baleen whales, seals, penguins, and many other inhabitants of the polar region.

Why is Antarctica so important for the planet and what role plays krill in the ecosystem?

Krill is central for the binding and storage of carbon dioxide. Scientists have discovered that the krill species captures millions of tons of greenhouse gasses every year. The Antarctic serves as a carbon sink for the entire planet and its protection should therefore be a top priority in the fight against climate change.

Why is krill threatened?

Krill is used for a wide range of purposes – though most of them are unnecessary practices in the creation of luxury products. For instance, krill is used to give farmed salmon its red color. It is also an ingredient in cheap dietary supplements or used to feed other farmed fish. It is a multimillion dollar business for the companies running the krill hunting fleets.

What's the impact of the industrial overfishing of krill?

Scientists have discovered a sharp decline in the numbers of fin whale pregnancies, a decrease in the average weight of fur seals, as well as a decline of the chinstrap penguin population. They suspect these declines are in direct connection to the excessive fishing of krill. All of these animals are feeding on krill. And all are essential players in the Antarctic ecosystem – which is why their future depends on our efforts to protect Antarctica and the Antarctic krill. And lest we forget: the declining population of krill also causes the further decrease of carbon being filtered from the atmosphere.

Who is Sea Shepherd?

Sea Shepherd is a global marine conservation organization dedicated to protecting, preserving and, where necessary, defending the oceans. The oceans face countless threats that occur far from the public eye and its inhabitants are relentlessly plundered as a resource. Sea Shepherd intervenes directly where it is possible, cooperates with law enforcement agencies worldwide, and is documenting malpractices where a direct intervention is not possible.

Find out more at: Sea Shepherd - Who we are

What has Sea Shepherd already achieved in Antarctica?

Sea Shepherd opposed Japanese whalers in Antarctica for ten years until they stopped coming back and the region seemed secured. Then, in 2014 and 2015, Sea Shepherd returned to Antarctica to confront another threat. For 110 days the crew of Sea Sheperds then flagship «Bob Barker» pursued the Interpol-wanted Fish trawler «Thunder» and brought an end to its illegal activities and those of its sisterships.

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What are the goals and methods of Operation «Antarctica Defense»?

The next round of the campaign «Antarctica Defense» will take place in early 2024. During that time Sea Shepherd will be accompanied by a BBC film crew that will document the situation in the Antarctic and subsequently broadcast the effects of the Antarctic krill fishing malpractices to the world. These images will finally be able to expose the silent drama that currently is taking place and is hidden from the public eye. Our goal is to stop the CCAMLR (Commission for the Conservation of Antarctic Marine Living Resources) from increasing the krill fishing quotas and instead rescind them for good. The polar sea creatures need the krill, humankind needs them, therefore the Antarctic needs us. Sea Shepherd already made an impact last year, when two of the large krill trawlers immediately left the area when our new Ship «Allankay» and its crew appeared in Antarctica.

How can I support the campaign as a company or association?

As a company or association you can support the campaign by providing your employees, clients or members with a donation certificate. This is as much a meaningful gift as well as an investment in a better future. Your financial support helps to fund the success of the «Antarctica Defense» operation.

How is my donation used?

With the exception of the transaction fees for payment processing your donation will entirely benefit the «Antarctic Defense» campaign.

Is my donation tax deductible?

Sea Shepherd is a registered non-profit organization, therefore your donation is tax-deductible according to local tax regulations. You will receive a donation receipt by email. Please keep it as it is your official proof of tax deductibility.

What will I receive for my donation?

1. After your donation, you will instantly receive an e-mail confirmation (for taxes etc.).


2. Within a few days, a gift certificate will be sent to you (if ordered) by e-mail for you or the person you are gifting the donation to. If there are several people (for companies or associations), several certificates can be issued - if desired they can be sent physically as well.


3. In January or February our crew will send you a thank you video from our Antarctica campaign.

In case of any questions we will be happy to be of service.

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