Jairo Med Campaign: The M/V Sam Simon is patrolling the Southern Tyrrhenian Sea

Freitag, 25 Aug, 2017

In a joint effort with the Italian Coast Guard of the Maritime Department of Catania, Sea Shepherd continues to actively protect sea turtles in the Mediterranean Sea, by means of a patrolling operation with the M/V Sam Simon in the Southern Tyrrhenian Sea.

The bridge and crew of the M/V Sam Simon on patrol. Photo Karma Weissbrodt/Sea Shepherd.

In a joint effort with the Coast Guard of the Maritime Department of Catania, the M/V Sam Simon set sail from the La Spezia harbor and covered more than 450 nautical miles to reach Lipari today.

With the beginning of the patrolling activities, great quantities of plastic were found right away in the sea. This plastic was promptly recovered. Besides plastic and various kinds of garbage, two large conglomerations composed by nylon ropes and plastic drums, which were drifting about, were removed from the sea. Such conglomerations are extremely dangerous for turtles, as they often get tangled up in the ropes and are found stuck in them. In the worst case, they are found there dead.

During the morning, the first meeting with the Commanding Officer of the Lipari Coast Guard took place. He welcomed the Sam Simon's crew and gave a talk about the activities that go on in the area of the Aeolian Island.

The crew of the M/V Sam Simon at work retrieving marine debris. Photo Sea Shepherd Italia.
An illegal FAD (Fishing Aggregated Devices) found north of Stromboli Island. Photo Karma Weissbrodt/Sea Shepherd.
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