Near Collision at Sea

Freitag, 25 Mär, 2016

The constant presence of the Steve Irwin on the stern of the Fu Yuan Yu 076 is clearly taking its toll on the crew of the illegal vessel. 

On the 13th day of the Steve's pursuit, the Fu Yuan Yu 076 once again began some suspicious modifications to their vessel in order to destroy evidence of their illegal fishing gear. As the Steve Irwin moved closer to document this activity, the Fu Yuan Yu 076 veered recklessly across the bow of the Steve in an attempt to hamper the documentation process. The Steve Irwin stood her ground, with Captain Sid maintaining his course and speed while radioing the Captain of the Fu Yuan Yu 076 to advise them that any collision would be their responsibility. The pass resulted in a near collision, with the Fu Yuan Yu 076 passing a mere 10 meters in front of the Steve Irwin.

Seeing their attempt to intimidate having failed, the Fu Yuan Yu 076 has resumed her course towards China, with the Steve Irwin in pursuit.

We intend to deliver this ship to waiting authorities in order to face justice for her fisheries crimes.


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