Taiwanese Captain Sentenced 20 Years for Shark Finning in Tanzania

Mittwoch, 12 Dez, 2018

Operazione Jodari

Hot Pursuit of Toothfish Poacher Ends with Arrest in Indonesia

Samstag, 07 Apr, 2018

Operazione Jodari

Mangrove Timber Smugglers Busted in Operation Jodari's Second Patrol

Donnerstag, 15 Mär, 2018

Operazione Jodari

Tanzanian Authorities Issue Over €6 Million in Fines to Foreign Fishing Vessels Evading Inspections

Mittwoch, 28 Feb, 2018

Operazione Jodari

Labor abuse makes illegal fishing possible

Dienstag, 27 Feb, 2018

Operazione Jodari

Sea Shepherd Launches Operation Jodari with Tanzania, Makes First Three Arrests

Montag, 05 Feb, 2018

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