Thwarted Again: Poaching Vessels Still Stuck in Cabo Verde Port after 2015 Arrest

vendredi, 02 Nov, 2018

Opération Icefish

Pirate Fishing Tycoon Hit with €8.2 Million Fine in Spain

mardi, 17 Avr, 2018

Opération Icefish

Spanish authorities levy massive fines on owner of notorious poacher ‘F/V Thunder’

jeudi, 03 Aoû, 2017

Opération Icefish

Vidal Armadores Fined Over €17.8 million by Spanish Authorities for Offences Relating to Illegal Fishing Activities

samedi, 19 Mar, 2016

Opération Icefish

The Last Toothfish Poacher, Viking, Arrested in Indonesia

vendredi, 26 Fév, 2016

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