About Sea Shepherd Global

Leadership & Organization

Sea Shepherd was founded by Captain Paul Watson in 1977. Since then it has grown into a worldwide movement with independent national and regional entities in over 20 countries. These groups are united by a common mission through the Amsterdam-based Sea Shepherd Global, established in 2013, which coordinates finances, communications, logistics and a fleet of five ships to cooperate on direct-action marine conservation campaigns around the world.  Sea Shepherd Global is a non-profit registered in the Netherlands as “Stichting Sea Shepherd Global” led by CEO Captain Alex Cornelissen. Sea Shepherd Global operates autonomously – both fiscally and legally – from the US-based Sea Shepherd Conservation Society (SSCS).

Sea Shepherd Founder

Captain Paul Watson


Global Board of Directors

Captain Alex Cornelissen

Chief Executive Officer

Lamya Essemlali

President Sea Shepherd France

Captain Peter Hammarstedt

Director of Campaigns

Jeff Hansen

Director Sea Shepherd Australia

Geert Vons

Artistic Director/Director Netherlands

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